At ACTS we believe in integrated and holistic education, and our experience with the ongoing global pandemic has reiterated the need to go beyond core academics and focus on the whole person to improve student outcomes.
While holistic education aims to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format, we at Kachhawa Christian School try to integrate this into the CBSE curriculum, to meet the growing need for our communities to have responsible citizens who have a compassionate understanding of the world around them, and who can adapt and show resilience in times of crisis. Our Principal and staff work hard at making sure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills that they need to face challenges, both in and outside school, and to be successful in everything that they do.

Every child deserves the best and we assure you that at Kachhawa Christian School the journey of each child will be enjoyable, safe, enriching and rewarding.


Anupa Gnanakan

Director - Education

ACTS Group of Institutions