Education being the all around development of the innate talents of a child, we give as many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. It will also teach him/her, the values of cooperation and sportsmanship.

To achieve these aims, we have provided the facilities of Indoor & Outdoor Games, Athletics, Literacy and cultural Activities.


Table Tennis, Chess, Carroms etc.



Volley Ball, Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho Kho and Shuttle Badminton



Sprints, throws  and Jumps



Debate, Elocution, Essay Writing (in English & Hindi) Quiz, Spell Bee etc.


CULTURAL : Singing (Solo & group), Dance (Classical & Western) Mono-action, mimicry, Fancy Dress, Drawing Painting etc



Sports & Games Club, Literary club, Cultural club, Maths & Science Club, Social Service Club, Hygiene & wellness club. Since every activity of the school is a part of the school curriculum and meant to educate the child as a whole, the activities of all the clubs are incorporated into the daily time Table without affecting the academic performance of the children.

In order of oraganize and conduct these activities in a systematic way, all the students are classified into 4 houses namely – Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. And they are all further sub divided into Senior, Junior and Sub Junior groups.


The inter-house competitions are spread throughout the year and are conducted regularly. Incentives for participation are given in the form of points, as well as trophies to the Houses and certificates of merit to the individual participants. All these activities are meant to develop the total personality of the child. Parents & Teachers must encourage and guide their children to participate in them whole-heartedly. It is compulsory that every child should participate at least in one event each from Literary Cultural and Sports & Games in an Academic year. It is that after being in the classroom for 5 to 6 hours a day, the child should be given an opportunity to relax and exercise his/her body at least for an hour. Therefore no exemption is given to anyone from participating in the above activities except on medical grounds.



The Literary Club develops and tunes the talent skills of the students. The writing and speaking skills are thus almost completely developed by the time students reach class X.

Since competition is the mother of training and growth, the students compete with each other to win a place in the top slot. The students represent their houses to bring points and final trophy for their House.


After a preliminary round, the selected students reach the finals. And at the finals, the students are judged by the external judges. For each event the panel of 3 judges give their marks for students based on their content, style, accuracy and presentation. The atmosphere of healthy competition is retained at all times.



Art & Culture are the spirit & Essence of Humanity. They reach out to the aesthetic with an appeal to the mind and a tug at the heart. An unbiased appreciation of beauty, divinity and allure enables perception of talents and gifts. The cultural club hones the inherent aptitude of the students to impeccability and puts them on the road to achievement a road where multitasking, multifaceted personality are prominent sign boards. The events like – Singing (Solo & Group) , Dance (classical & western), drawing, painting (pot), Mimicry , mono-action, Mehendi and skit.



For most of the children going to school is a historic milestone in their lives. It is a place that plays one of the most important role in their physical/mental/emotional development. Schools are settings where children learn character is moulded, values are inculcated and future citizens of the world are groomed to face life’s challenges.

Built into this educational edifice, we have a well laid out infrastructure for Sports & Games with all the available place put to us.

Intramural competitions provided an opportunity for the children to exhibit their talents and form a basis to pick out the talented children. At the beginning of the new session, all the students of the school are divided into 4 Houses. In July, we have the colorful Investiture Ceremony in which the school Cabinet takes the oath and accepts the responsibility to lead the student community through various activities during the academic year.

On knock –out basis, major games in Volleyball, Basket Ball, Football and Cricket are scheduled around, the events in Athletics and games for class-wise and house-wise as a part of Intramurals to bring out the talents in children. And for Primary children, sports events are conducted separately.

Outdoor Games   

Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Football, Cricket, Kabaddi and Shuttle & Badminton.


Indoor Games   :

Table Tennis, Chess, and Carroms


Athletics   : Sprints like- 100 m, 200m, 4×100m relay, shotput, High Jump and Long Jump.


English is the “Lingua Franca” or ‘Global Language’ of the modern world. To cultivate a passion for the language and to develop the skills in Reading, Writing and Speaking, the language club conducts several activities every year.

An inter-house “Spelling Bee Competition” for all classes will be held to enhance the knowledge and vocabulary of the students.



All the students of Secondary & Sr. Secondary are the members of this club. They raise funds, collect clothes and other essentials to be distributed among the needy.

The Club conducts the camps in needy villages to distribute clothes and other needy grocery items to the poor and the under privileged.  And motivate them to send their children regularly to the nearby Govt. Schools.



Health is certainly wealth and the real wealth of a nation is its future generation. Hence, it is one of the primary responsibility of the school to promote among its pupils awareness about the value of good health and how to maintain it. As a part of this endeavor, we have the Health and wellness cub.


  • Conducting Surveys
  • Assemblies on Health awareness
  • Pin up Board display
  • Physical exercise which include breathing (inhale & exhale)
  • Maintaining Health Card & Health Record
  • Poster making/Painting competition
  • Awareness programmes on ear, eye, skin, dental hygiene and eating habits.
  • Health Camps for students & Parents.